Message from the CEO

We are driven by a desire to help people who are struggling with rare diseases. Until now, patients who’ve received genetic sequencing were unable to pursue individualized evaluations of their specific genetic conditions, simply because no such service existed.

We launched Pairnomix in 2015 to address this important and unmet need. This independent company, which I founded with Mark Evenstad, CEO of Upsher-Smith Inc. and David Goldstein, PhD of Columbia University, serves patients through high-quality research and expert collaboration. We work closely with professional laboratories, academic centers, and leading specialists to find the optimal way to evaluate each individual case. Our advisory board reviews every mutation and works closely with leaders in the fields of neurology, genetics, and rare disease. We do all of this so our company can deliver the most cutting-edge, highly-personalized genetic evaluations possible.

While Pairnomix will begin its work within the epilepsy setting, we have plans to expand both our services and the indications we evaluate. It is our hope that we can ultimately provide valuable results to a variety of patients as we undertake our process of deciphering genomes and delivering knowledge.

My best,
Matthew Fox, CEO